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Eminent domain, or condemnation, is the right of the government, whether local, state, or federal, to “take” private property for public use in exchange for just compensation. Occasionally, private corporations can obtain the same “taking” right as is often afforded the government. Issues involving eminent domain or inverse condemnation can involve missteps in the process, or even the failure of the government or private corporation to provide just compensation in exchange for its use or taking of the owner’s property.


As construction in the area continues to increase, developers and other owners are faced with a myriad of zoning issues. Such zoning issues can occur at any stage in the development process, from the initial stages of land acquisition, feasibility studies, and plan development, through financing, permitting, and construction.


Our clients include developers and other owners who are faced with zoning, inverse condemnation, and eminent domain challenges and issues. We represent those whose properties have been either damaged or taken by condemnation or eminent domain. We also represent developers and other owners who must assess zoning issues, rights, or permits at any stage of the development process. We also represents individuals and businesses in fights against large utilities over eminent domain, right-of-way, and easements.



  • Representation of architect in a zoning matter regarding permitted land use.

  • Representation of various clients concerning zoning requirements for minimum size of lot.

  • Representation of car dealership defending a case by its neighbor alleging spot zoning.

  • Representation of architect concerning parking requirements for a daycare.

  • Representation against various large utilities in eminent domain, right-of-way, and easement disputes.

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